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Online Booking

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» Estimated Calculation :
Estimated Kms
8 hrs/80 kms
Rate per km
Basic/Package Amt
Permit charges
Total Amt/Package Amt
Serv.Tax 5.8%
Bill Amt/Gross Amt
Extra Per Kms 34  
Extra Per Hrs 300  
Advance 120% of basic / Package Amt
Difference/Refund after considering actual usage
» Terms and conditions:

Toll charges , Parking charges , State Border Tax will be paid by party at actuals

Cancellation charges:

1) 15 days prior to departure date 30% of contractual Amount

2) 7-14 days prior to departure date 50% of contracual Amount

3) 6-3 days prior to departure date 75% of contractual Amount

4) Less than 3 days prior to departure date 100% of contractual Amount

» Company reserves the right to change the rates witout prior intimation.
» Company reserves the right to deploy their vehicle or vendor's vehicle.
» Last date of submitting passenger list will be 5 days prior to trip date
» In case of delay beyond 3.00 am , the full charges of next day will be applicable.

I/We accept the rates mentioned above, the rules and conditions have been explained to me/us for their of Luxury Bus/Buses on contract basis and I /We agree to abide by them in case you agree to hire out Bus/Buses to me/us. I / We undertake to adhere to the route as mentioned in the booking details and will not deviate from said route nor will I/We circumvent the regulation as laid down in the Motor Vehicle Act - 1988 . All disputes will be subject to Pune Jurisdiction

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